Macedonia is and has always been one of the pillars of Hellenic History and culture. From antiquity through the Roman and Byzantine era up to the present day the Macedonians never questioned their Greek identity. However, since the disintegration of the Ottoman Empire at the end of the nineteenth century and the fall of the communist bloc 15 years ago, Bulgarian dreams of claiming Macedonia have taken various forms.

The independence of the Tito-styled Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) in 1992 and its international recognition is a historical tragedy. Its leadership and main political party, the IMRO, are still deluded with nineteenth century Bulgarian irredentist dreams of conquering all of Macedonia and brainwashed by 50 years of communist historical revisionism, as this website will document. As well as exposing Skopjean lies, we will present the true history of the Macedonian struggle and its heroes.

If this new republic wishes to have a future in Europe and the international community it must immediately do the following or else face the objection of the Greek government. First, they must change the name so as not to contain the word ‘Macedonia’ in any context, unless they recognize and accept their Hellenic culture. Second, formally amend the constitution which lays claim to Greek territory and an imaginary minority in Greece. Third, renounce all claims they make on the ancient Macedonians. Fourth, disband the IMRO as a political party. Anything less is a disgrace to history and morality!