Communist Movements

Interwar Communist Movements

Besides anachronistic Bulgarian nationalism, the other main ideology which created the ridiculous schizophrenic identity of the Skopjeans is communism. The goal of an independent Macedonia was championed by both the Bulgarian and Yugoslav communist movements but only to serve their own national aspirations. However there was never any talk of a Macedonian ethnic group until Tito came to power in Yugoslavia after World War II.

Before World War 1, the communist movement in the Balkans was weak just as in the rest of the continent. Europe was concerned more with either building or maintaining its empires, or economic and military expansion on the continent. Nationalism was the ideology of the time. However, the economic and social destruction wrought by The War, as well as the Soviet Revolution weakened society enough to give communism a strong ideological foothold. The aftermath of the war finally gave the Balkan communists the chance to alter the course of Macedonia’s history- for the worse.